Matt Bomer in “Space Station 76” trailer

Look for the theatrical premier of Space Station 76 in September 2014, followed by a DVD release in fall 2014.
— Burba & Hayes (co-producers of SS76) [x] (via uninhabited-paradise)


Matt Bomer is GORGEOUS

White Collar Season 6: Matt Bomer Reveals it's ‘The Pink Panthers’ Storyline in Final Season →


Matt Bomer, who plays con-man Neal Caffrey in “White Collar,” has been spilling details about the show’s final season. He recently revealed that the storyline of the final season will feature the legendary diamond-thieving gang, The Pink Panthers. The actor has also provided his input for the…

Space Station 76 [x]

@Shanny0117 : Proud to say the first film I worked on when I moved to Cali finally has a trailer! @MattBomer  [x]

@Shanny0117 : Proud to say the first film I worked on when I moved to Cali finally has a trailer!





Matt Bomer — Giffoni Film Festival Blue Carpet (July 19, 2014)


Space Station 76


Space Station 76



Patrick Wilson, Liv Tyler and Matt Bomer star in this science fiction spoof that io9 calls “equal parts Anchorman and 2001: A Space Odyssey”. Sold? Then check out the trailer for this raucous space comedy, the first feature film from actor/director Jack Plotnick.

Space Station 76: trailer e poster della dark-comedy fantascientifica con Liv Tayler →


Space Station 76: video, trailer, poster, immagini e tutte le informazioni sulla dark-comedy fantascientifica di Jack Plotnick con Patrick Wilson, Matt Bomer e Liv Tyler.

Disponbile un primo trailer di Space Station 76, la dark-comedy fantascientifica diretta dall’esordiente Jack Plotnick.

Il film si concentra su un gruppo di astronauti e ne segue la vita quotidiana a bordo di una stazione spaziale di rifornimento carburante chiamata “Omega 76”.

A bordo ci sono il disilluso capitano Glenn (Patrick Wilson), il suo nuovo assistente capitano Jessica (Liv Tyler), il meccanico della stazione spaziale Ted (Matt Bomer) e sua moglie Misty (Marisa Coughlan) che si pavoneggia in giro senza curarsi di nulla e spesso trascurando sua figlia.

Trailer che trasmette perfettamente l’approccio particolarissimo al genere, il film ha un’intrigante aria “seventies”, effetti speciali alla “Buck Rogers” e un’impianto narrativo che punta al corale.

Space Station 76” è una commedia drammatica su un gruppo di persone (e di diversi robot), che vivono in una stazione spaziale in un futuro anni ‘70. Quando un nuovo assistente capitano arriva a bordo, lei accende involontariamente tensioni tra l’equipaggio, spingendo tutti ad affrontare i loro segreti più oscuri. Contenute a malapena lussuria, gelosia e rabbia ribolliranno in superficie diventando altrettanto pericolose quanto l’asteroide che sta arrivando sulle loro teste.” [x]

The brain child of actor-writer-director Jack Plotnick, Space Station 76 is exactly what you’d expect. At least if you’re expecting sublime subtext, repressed sexual tension of all kinds (and some sexual release), smoking, white walls and clinical lighting, plastic form bubble chairs and Lucite tables, loads of blinking light units and more variations on beige and brown fabric than you knew existed. And this, I might add, is all good. Very good.
The premise is simple enough: In the male-centric 70’s, a female Assistant Captain starts her assignment on Omega Station 76, and is met with resistance by the Captain, emotional interest by the station’s mechanic, distain and jealously by his wife, and innocent friendship from their daughter. But what you don’t expect are the layers that are skillfully peeled away with dark humor, the timeless human need of wanting to belong in your environment and the frailty of falling into habits and stereotypes. With a landscape of colors, textures and music that place you firmly in the bosom of the 1970’s, Plotnick lets his characters reveal themselves as they are, even as they betray their own best efforts to be better. (space station 76 - review)

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Matt Bomer at the Verizon Training Ground during the Super Bowl (February 4, 2012)

Matt Bomer at the Verizon Training Ground during the Super Bowl (February 4, 2012)